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Roles and responsibilities

In addition to the specific responsibilities contained within each policy, there are standard expectations on all parties which underpin all NHSScotland Workforce Policies.


The employer should:

  • ensure that policies are appropriately communicated to all employees and made readily accessible to them
  • ensure that all relevant staff are sufficiently skilled and competent in implementing the policies
  • promote a culture underpinned by the NHSScotland values in which employees are treated fairly and consistently


Managers should:

  • be approachable and take time to make themselves available to those they manage
  • attempt to resolve issues raised fairly, consistently and in a timely manner
  • ensure employees are fully informed and communicated with, regarding any issues they have raised
  • communicate the standards of behaviour and performance expected of an employee


Employees should:

  • adhere to the expected standards of behaviour and performance
  • discuss concerns at the earliest opportunity with the appropriate manager
  • actively participate in any process to attempt to resolve the matter without delay

Human resources

Human resources should:

  • support managers and employees by providing advice on policy and process
  • ensure any processes undertaken comply with the policy and procedure, so there is fairness and consistency

Trade union

Trade unions should:

  • support their members, ensuring they are aware of their rights and responsibilities under these policies
  • encourage members to participate in early resolution in appropriate cases
  • work in partnership with the organisation to raise awareness on the benefits of and approach to the policy, including development and delivery of joint training

Occupational health

Occupational health should:

  • provide expert, impartial and timely advice to managers and support to employees following any referral made in the course of managing issues identified within workforce policies

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