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Employee support

Employers have a responsibility to support the health and well being of all employees.

Involvement in any process as part of a workforce policy can be difficult for all concerned. Recognising this, a range of support is available, in addition to that provided by line managers.

For details on how to access these services, please check your employer’s intranet, ask a manager or trade union representative.

Confidential contacts

Informal signposting and support for employees who perceive that they are being bullied, harassed or victimised at work. This role may cover other policy areas.


A safe, confidential environment where employees can discuss any issues affecting them with a trained counsellor.

Human resources (HR)

Specialist advice and support on workforce policies and employment law. HR can also provide additional information on sources of support available.

Occupational Health Services (OHS)

Independent, impartial advice for employers and employees on the effects of work on health and the effects of health on work.

Spiritual care services

Compassionate and person-centred care for employees of all faiths, beliefs, and none.

Trade unions

Represent, advise, and support members through all aspects of employment.

Learn about the principles and values that make sure employees and workers are treated fairly and consistently at work.

Find out about the roles and responsibilities of the people using our workforce policies across the NHS in Scotland.

The right to be represented applies to employees at any stage of a workforce policy process. Find out what this means for you.

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