The policies on this website are from phase 1 of the ‘Once for Scotland' Workforce Policies Programme.
Further policies will become available in later phases.

Grievance Policy : Stage 2 individual grievance outcome letter

Use this letter template when writing to an employee confirming all hearing outcomes at Stage 2 of the grievance process.

[Recipient's name & address]



Dear <Title, Surname>,

Individual Grievance Stage 2 Outcome

Further to the Stage 2 Grievance Hearing held on <DD/MM/YYYY>, I now write to confirm the outcome.

The Hearing was convened in line with NHSScotland Grievance Policy. I was supported at the hearing by <HR Representative Name, job title>. At the meeting you were <represented><accompanied> by <Name><Union><Job Title> <were not represented or accompanied and you were happy to proceed on that basis>. Management were represented by <Manager’s Name and Title> and <HR Representative Name, Job title>. <No witnesses were called.> <Management called the following witness: <Name, Title><You called the following witnesses: <Name, Title>.

At the hearing <you> <your representative > outlined your grievance which is summarised as follows:

<Insert bullet point summary>

After considering carefully all of the information and evidence that has been presented, my findings are as follows:

<Insert findings in relation to each of the bullet points of above, and then for each point add appropriate outcome sentence>

[Outcome sentence]On that basis I have concluded that this point of grievance is <upheld><partially upheld><not upheld.>

<As a result of these findings, I propose to take no further action.>


<As a result of these findings, I propose to take the following action:

<Summarise action to be taken>

This concludes the internal process.

Yours sincerely

<First Name, Surname, job title>
Chair of Stage 2 Hearing

CC: <Human Resources Representative (panel)>
<Stage 1 Human Resources Representative>
<Stage 1 Hearing Chair>
<Trade Union Representative>


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