The policies on this website are from phase 1 of the ‘Once for Scotland' Workforce Policies Programme.
Further policies will become available in later phases.

Attendance Policy : Stage 2 outcome letter

Use this letter template when writing to an employee confirming the outcome of a Stage 2 meeting.

[Recipient's name & address]





Dear <Title / Surname>

Stage 2 Meeting - Outcome

Thank you for meeting with me on <DD/MM/YYYY>. We reviewed and discussed your levels of absence from work and how the expected attendance level can be achieved.

<insert as appropriate>
Key to this discussion was the recent professional advice from <your .GP> or <from OHS. >

At the meeting you <were represented / accompanied by > <were not represented or accompanied and you were happy to proceed on that basis>.

We discussed the expected standards of attendance for the NHS in Scotland and that where these levels are not achieved, this may lead to decisions being made in relation to employment status including dismissal, if appropriate. The following triggers are outlined in the NHSScotland Attendance Policy to prompt a review of support required:

  • 4 separate episodes of absence in a rolling twelve month period, OR
  • short term absences totalling 8 or more working days within a rolling 12 month period, OR
  • longer term absence of 29 calendar days or more.

At this meeting we agreed:

  • <insert bullet point summary detailing expected level of attendance, any adjustments or support mechanisms required and an action plan with timescales for review>

In line with our discussion we will meet again in <insert month or date of next meeting> to review progress. If in the meantime you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely



<Line Manager Name>
<Job Title>

<Cc: Trade Union Representative>


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