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Workforce Policies Investigation Process : initial meeting invite letter

Published: 01 March 2020


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Use this letter template when inviting the employee under investigation to an initial meeting.

[Recipient's name & address]




[*Delete as appropriate]

Dear <Title, Surname>

Initial Meeting

I am writing to advise that I have been asked to undertake the investigation and to offer you the opportunity to attend an initial meeting into the following allegation(s):

<Insert paragraph(s) identifying all allegations/incidents/issues of concern, including dates and times if applicable>

The meeting will be held in accordance with NHSScotland’s Workforce Policies Investigation Process, [*a copy of which you have previously received / *is enclosed for your information].

The purpose of the meeting is to allow you the opportunity to meet the investigation team, to understand how the investigation will progress and to provide any comment you wish at this stage. You should be aware that at this initial stage I will be unable to provide you with detailed information regarding my investigation as this has yet to be progressed. On that basis, you are under no obligation to attend. If you decide not to attend at this stage you will be invited to a formal Investigation Meeting once we have gathered the necessary information to share with you.

Should you wish to meet with me and <Insert HR representative’s name and Job Title> who is supporting me with the investigation, please contact <Insert name, job title and contact details> by <Insert date> to confirm your request and to advise if you will be represented at the meeting, and if so, by whom.

In the meantime you should avoid discussing the case with anyone other than your representative to ensure your confidentiality [*and that of the other parties involved].

If you have any questions about the content of this letter or regarding the initial meeting, please contact me or <Insert HR representative name / post title> on < Insert contact details>.

Yours sincerely


<Investigating Manager>
<Job Title>

Enc NHSScotland Workforce Policies Investigation Process, Flowchart and Guide for Employees <if not already provided>

cc <HR Representative>
<Trade Union Representative>

Alternative formats

Policies and supporting information may be made available, in full or summary form, in alternative formats and community languages.

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Version history

Published: 01 March 2020


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