The 7 policies below form phase 1 of the 'Once for Scotland' Workforce Policies Programme and apply to all NHS employees in Scotland. Further policies will become available in later phases. Areas not addressed by these policies, will continue to be covered by the current workforce policies of your employer.

Applies where health is impacting on an employee’s ability to be at work.

Applies to bullying or harassing behaviours, or both, where these relate to the working environment.

Relates to concerns regarding an employee’s knowledge, skills or ability to perform their role.

Applies to behaviour or conduct that falls below the standard required by NHSScotland or is in breach of policy.

Relates to complaints from an employee or group of employees regarding their employment situation.

Relates to concerns raised by employees about patient safety or malpractice, or both.

Outlines the investigation process and supports decision-making for NHSScotland Workforce Policy cases.

Supporting documents

Each workforce policy comes with extensive support to ensure the consistent application of the policies across all NHSScotland employers. These supporting documents form part of the standard for workforce policies that apply to all NHSScotland employees.

Principles and values

Principles and values

Learn about the principles and values that make sure employees and workers are treated fairly and consistently at work.

Roles and responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities

Find out about the roles and responsibilities of the people using our workforce policies across the NHS in Scotland.