NHSScotland Workforce Policies are single, standardised policies to be used consistently and seamlessly across the NHS in Scotland. They outline our core values and provide clear guidance on process and procedure.

Michael Matheson, Cabinet Secretary for NHS Recovery, Health and Social Care, introduces the NHSScotland Workforce Policies.

Find out about the ‘Once for Scotland’ approach to the development of the NHSScotland Workforce Policies.

Learn about the principles and values that make sure employees and workers are treated fairly and consistently at work.

The right to be represented applies to employees at any stage of a workforce policy process. Find out what this means for you.

Find out about the roles and responsibilities of the people using our workforce policies across the NHS in Scotland.

Read about the responsibilities of your employer when processing and storing personal information linked to workforce policy processes.



Explore the NHSScotland Workforce Policies, which set the standards that all our Boards must follow.

Supporting documents

Supporting documents

Discover a wide range of supporting documents to help you understand and apply the NHSScotland Workforce Policies.